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The idea for Basketball Lab was born after many detailed observations based on the long term experience of Coach J as a professional basketball player and coach of different basketball camps in America, along with the individual trainings he has been doing for the last couple of years.
Analyzing his work with kids, he came to the conclusion that kids in ages 10-16 years old should train in small groups. This approach results in better improvement even compared to the personal 1×1 trainings. This is due to the competitive nature of the kids.
However, the groups should consist of no more than 4 kids so there is no interruption of the intensity and discipline of the trainings.
Coach J forms different groups depending on the level of the young athletes.


The personal trainings are more suitable for older athletes and professionals. They need maximum focus in improving their individual game skills and realizing the importance of repetition in a achieving the best results and advantage over competitors. This is a grind to maximize your abilities and it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. This is the destiny of the professional athletes who want to constantly progress.


The summer is not time for rest after the long season, but for improving the individual skills in shooting, dribbling, footwork and defense of each player. In order to become better and more skillful, sign up for the “Basketball Lab” of Jimmie Hunt.

– Get ready for a lot of intensive work and good time –

Individual Game Analysis

Coach J offers individual game analysis. If you are a young player and would like professional feedback on where you can improve as a player, then take this opportunity with Coach J. Coach J will sit down and review your game with you, providing you with written notes that you can review at any time. These notes will pinpoint those specific areas that need work and that can change your on-court productivity immediately.

Basketball Camps

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Registration – Here

Location: Assarel Arena, Panagyurishte

Price: 600 BGN

Dates: 12.08.2022 – 17.08.2022

 Jimmie Hunt, Yuri Atanasov, Nick Perioli

Sign Up For A Camp

Registration – Here

Location: Sport complex Kamchia

Price: 640 BGN

Dates: 25.07.2022-31.07.2022

 Jimmie Hunt, Yuri Atanasov, Hristina Tyutyundzhieva