by Jimmie Hunt (Coach J)


Shooting is one of the most important fundamental skill in basketball, but despite the fact that it is a skill players are most willing to learn and practice, the shooting technique is perhaps the least-taught fundamental of the game. Shooting is a great skill in which, you can always be effective on the court. It takes time, patience and a lot of repetition.


The first important thing to focus on is your balance and foot position towards the basket. Feet should be shoulder width apart with the strong side foot slightly ahead of the other. Legs are very important when shooting.



Next is to position your shooting arm in a L position, concentration on keeping it straight up and down. The ball should rest in your hand on your finger tips, and not directly on your palm.



Next, your weak hand is positioned on the side of the ball for guidance and balance. It should not assist in your release but it should a great support for the direction towards the basket.



Lastly, your shot should all be in one motion together with your legs and arms, finishing with the release at the top of your jump. A nice one motion, relaxed, comfortable but correct form results in a consistent shot.

After you master the details, repetition is the key.